Under trappings out-of “democracy,” brand new banner, “rules and you can order,” the new Composition, etcetera

Under trappings out-of “democracy,” brand new banner, “rules and you can order,” the new Composition, etcetera

, Us americans were duped on administering and you will submitting to their own subjugation, bankruptcy proceeding, enslavement, therefore the elimination of their liberties, independence, and country. People was basically less to help you peonage and involuntary servitude less than a deceptive, tyrannical, and you may seditious overseas oligarchy whoever share intention is always to institute and you may establish a dictatorship along the somebody and their posterity as a result of an excellent personal, app reddit app incontri industrial you to definitely-world-government (i.elizabeth., “The fresh Community Purchase”).

These International Principals, from knowing and you will unknowing complicity of their Agents, has totally debauched the latest financial system ( National Geographical , January 1993, The effectiveness of Currency, web page 83), claiming conflict on and you may from the individuals of the united states, forgotten the fresh lifetime and you can livelihoods of thousands of people, aided and you will abetted the brand new foes of your own American someone and their posterity, incited rebellion and you can anarchy within the de- jure community, drawn untrue oaths, entered towards the seditious international agreements, pacts, confederations, treaties, and associations, and you may lower than a beneficial pretense off “emergency” which they themselves authored, authored and you may shaped a multitude of organizations of alien allegiance (treason) so you can perpetuate the plunder, conquest, and subjugation away from that was after considered “the past high promise from individual liberty.”

Talking about it is accountable for SEDITION And you will TREASON up against the Composition and you will announced a domestic blended conflict contrary to the people of the fresh new all of us. (Discover connected Top secret “Silent Weapons to own Quiet Battles, a manual to own Hushed Firearms Program,” 1980 Article from Scientific American , The nation Benefit of the season 2000.)

Ergo, brand new respondents is actually accountable for the aforementioned criminal activities within the pretending for the conspiracy having instance agencies away from foreign powers to advance destroy some other private, [name] the new undersigned, because of the such as for example craft. So you’re able to Wit, the aforementioned called officials away from [respondents], performed WILLFULLY And you will UNLAWFULLY:

Artwork We SECT We: Rejected correct regarding freedom 2

COUNT 1: On or about [date], accepted and honored a false document by the [state and/or federal taxing authority] (California Criminal Code Section 125, unqualified statement, a felony; Title 18 USC 1001) of an undocumented, unproven liability, shown to be false by the Complainant Affiant [name], to take property without due process of law to give it to the Franchise Tax Board. California Penal Code Section 182 (4), (5), Criminal Conspiracy, Sec. 186, Racketeering, Title 18, Sec 241, 1961, 1962.

Amount dos: Into the taking and you may celebrating not the case records, [respondents], specifically and you may willingly conspired towards Internal revenue service and/or even the [condition taxing authority] to help you deal the home out of [name], (extension but age] brand new legal rights from due courts when it comes down to step up against your. For every step – assertion, admission or trespass, is a separate high offense or infraction, brought with her within this number since abuses against the structure. The fresh new punishment is defined below Identity 18 USC Parts 3571 really listed getting subtotal tally as to what municipal damages supported by such unlawful strategies. Liberties Of your own SOVEREIGN Denied Otherwise Violated ($100,one hundred thousand for each denied, broken otherwise trespassed proper listed given that an infraction, 18 USC 3571 identified as a crime try $250,000 for each trespass, assertion otherwise ticket) safeguarded, preserved and protected by the latest California Composition and parallel chapters of this new Structure on Us:

The fresh legal rights refuted, broken otherwise trespassed is actually enumerated less than

3. Art I SECT I: Declined correct off possessing assets, (assets given to a different agent instead due means of law)

5. Ways I SECT We: Declined best of privacy, (providing guidance to help you a foreign broker below a beneficial guise of laws)

6. Ways We SECT 2: Denied correct off free address (Fired to own requiring a real production of specific lawful documents so you’re able to validate [respondents] out of overpowering Complainant Affiant’s funds and providing it so you can international representatives)

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